The scope of Wildflowers’ work depends on the support of committed individuals and the investment of funders. Please join more than two hundred individuals and fifty-four foundations and corporations in supporting the institute’s endeavors to strengthen the informal leaders, activities, and ways things get done in communities.

We are currently working in ethnic communities representing over 300,000 people. So on behalf of all of us, we would like to recognize and thank the following individuals for their contributions that make our work possible:

Ms. Kathy Abeles and Mr. Rick Abeles
Dr. Collins Airhihenbuwa
Ms. Evelyn Allen
Drs. Diana and Gary Arsham
Ms. Betty Austin
Ms. Victoria Bailey
Drs. Dee and Cedric Bainton
Ms. Zenobia Barlow
Mr. David Becker
Ms. Mary Bianco in honor of Carol Duffield
Ms. Sarah and Mr. William Brown
Ms. Alice Buhl
Ms. Charlotte Ford Calhoun
Dr. Fritjof Capra
Ms. Carla Carroll and Dr. Lawrence Carroll
Ms. Melanie Chan
Ms. Carilee Pang Chen
Ms. Kate Chen and Dr. Frederick Chen
Ms. Elaine Chew and Mr. Kenneth Chew
Dr. Kenneth Chin
Dr. Richard Chong
Ms. Loretta Chow and Dr. Edward Chow
Ms. Cheri Choy
Ms. Betty Christ and Mr. Chris Christ
Ms. Anni Chung
Dr. Robert Clark
Drs. Linda and James Clever
Mr. Sean Cotter
Ms. Janet Crandall
Dr. San Juanita de la Cruz
Ms. Laurie Davies
Dr. Ben Davis
Dr. Jane Delgado
Mr. David Dobereiner
Ms. Phoebe Douglass
Mr. John-Bernard Duler
Ms. Ann Eliaser
Ms. Sharon Ettinger-McLaughlin
Ms. Liss Fain and Mr. Ed Payne
Dr. Candace Falk
Ms. Amy Fine and Dr. Chester Hartman
Dr. Donald Fink
Dr. George Foster
Ms. Jeanne Franke and Mr. Milton Franke
Dr. Barbara Gastel
Mr. and Ms. B. C. Gerwick Jr.
Mr. Anthony Gilmore
Ms. Sandra Gobble and Mr. Harold Gobble
Ms. Elizabeth Goldblatt
Mr. Stephen Gould
Ms. Shand Green and Mr. William Green
Dr. Sadja Greenwood
Mr. Ken Harrington
Ms. Susan Harris and Mr. Charles Harris
Dr. Delores Hayden
Dr. Brian Hee
Ms. Marilyn Hennessy
Ms. Vivian Ho
Ms. Peggy Huang
R. D. and Mary A. Hume
Ms. Kathryn Johnson
Dr. Stephanie Johnson
Ms. Summers and Mr. Norty Kalishman
Ms. Marion Kane
Drs. Diana and Thomas Killip
Mr. Daniel H. Kim
Ms. Patricia and Mr. Thomas Klitgaard
Mr. Martin Krasney
Mr. Richard Kunnath
Ms. Ellen LaFollette and Mr. Charles LaFollette
Ms. Laura Lai in memory of Mr. Him Mark Lai
Ms. Gyöngy Laky and Mr. Thomas Layton
Ms. Patricia LaMothe and Mr. William LaMothe
Ms. Mary Lau
Ms. Faye Lee
Drs. Nancy and Peter Lee
Ms. Tanya Lee and Mr. Garret Rosenblatt
Ms. Judy Lee-Strain
Dr. Michael Lerner
Dr. Hanmin Liu
Ms. Mari Loria
Mr. Jack Love
Ms. Elaine Low
Ms. Elise Low and Dr. Lyndon Low
Ms. Julie Low
Ms. Kathy Lowe and Dr. Rolland Lowe
Mr. Lynn Luckow
Mr. Robert Lurie
Dr. Jean Lytle
Mr. Ralph Marchese
Dr. Alan Margolis
Mr. Larry Marty
Ms. Norma Mawdsley and Dr. Jack Mawdsley
Ms. Becky McBurney and Mr. Michael McBurney
Dr. Gail McClure
Dr. Thomas McCormick
Dr. John McKnight
Dr. Deborah McKoy
Ms. Jennifer Mei
Ms. Patricia Mellon
Mr. Robert Miller
Mr. Jerry Millhon
Ms. Betsy Minkler and Dr. Donald Minkler
Ms. Ingrid Mittermaier
Ms. Yoshiko and Dr. Hercules Morphopoulos
Mr. Peter Moy
Ms. Cathryn Nelson and Mr. Ronald Dubois
Mr. Larry Orman
Mr. Bernard Osher
Ms. Joy Ou
Mr. Vincent Pan
Ms. Lois Perrolle and Dr. Pierre Perrolle
Ms. Lynn Perry
Drs. Anne and Doug Petersen
Dr. Barbara Pillsbury
Ms. Linda Post
Dr. Denis Prager
Ms. Eileen Raun and Mr. Robert Raun
Ms. Marlene Richman
Ms. Robin Roth
Mr. Paul Sack
Ms. Susan Sandler and Mr. Steve Phillips
Ms. Judy Seropan and Mr. Milton Seropan
Drs. Barbara Sharp and Todd Sack
Mr. Benny Shendo
Ms. Susan Shortell and Dr. Stephen Shortell
Drs. Deborah and Mervyn Silverman
Ms. Carley Smith and Dr. Barry Smith
Dr. Robert Sparks
Ms. Lisa Spinali
Dr. Bruce Spivey
Ms. Lisa Spivey
Ms. Naomi Stamper and Dr. Robert Stamper
Mr. Charles Steidtman
Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor
Ms. Maryanna Stockholm
Ms. Gillian Stromberg and Mr. Ross Stromberg
Dr. Roger Sublett
Ms. Charlotte Sun and Mr. Da-Jin Sun
Ms. Mona Sutnick and Dr. Alton Sutnick
Mr. David SweetMs. Mary Swing and Rev. William Swing
Ms. Bernadette Sy
Mr. George Sycip
Ms. Melody Takata
Dr. Alyce Bezman Tarcher
Mr. Peter Thigpen
Drs. Jane and Sanford Tom
Ms. Caroline Tower
Dr. Ho Tran
Ms. Pei-Ying Tseng and Dr. Winston Tseng
Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker
Ms. Dianne Tuttle
Ms. Luz Vega-Marquis
Ms. Salome Walton and Mr. Jonathan Walton
Dr. Richard Watson
Ms. Marion R. Weber
Dr. Stephen Weiner
Ms. Linda Wendt
Justice Kay Werdegar and Dr. David Werdegar
Ms. Eileen White and Mr. Thurman V. White, Jr.
Ms. Sally Whitten
Dr. Charlotte Lewellen Williams
Dr. Phil Wolfson
Ms. Georgette Wong
Mr. Richard Woo
Mr. Michael Woods
Ms. Joan Wynn
Dr. Christopher Yip